Invalid ACK (0) in DAP response

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Invalid ACK (0) in DAP response

Post by salmansheikh » Thu Oct 26, 2017 10:56 am

I am attempting to get a Cortex-M1 up and running on an MicroSemi FPGA development Board. I got my design programmed into the ProASIC3 M1A3 FPGA but the SoftConsole debug keeps having OpenOCD time out with several of these statements. (I added a log file and the debug options to the Eclipse call of the openocd & gdb page of the debug configuration.

Error: 298 176 adi_v5_jtag.c:376 jtagdp_overrun_check(): Invalid ACK (0) in DAP response.

Below is a screenshot of my openocd debug settings in SoftConsole (Microsemi's Eclipse IDE).


Please help me. :violin:

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