STM32F410, can't write or read option bytes

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STM32F410, can't write or read option bytes

Postby Keroronsk » Sun Aug 13, 2017 9:26 pm

Hello. I have STM32F410 MCU and ST-LINK v2. Can program and debug using OpenOCD without any problems. But I can't read or write opion bytes with OpenOCD. Still can read\write it via ST-LINK utility though. My TELNET session to OpenOCD looks like this:

stm32f2x options_read 0
>invalid subcommand "options_read 0" in procedure 'stm32f2x'

stm32f2x options_write 0
> invalid subcommand "options_write 0" in procedure 'stm32f2x'

How it is wrong? :think:
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