OpenOCD support for CC3220SF

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OpenOCD support for CC3220SF

Post by bakerstu » Sat Jun 17, 2017 4:09 pm

I'm wondering if anyone has considered support for the CC3220SF using OpenOCD. I have a need for using the CC3220SF with the TI XDS110 emulator built into the CC3220SF-LaunchXL dev kit with ARM GCC, GDB, and OpenOCD under a Linux Development host.

I've looked into it a bit myself and concluded I don't have the knowledge or skill set required. The FLASH controller on the CC3220SF seems to be substantially similar to that on the Tiva12x Cortex-M4F devices. The XDS110 is supposed to support CMSIS-DAP protocol.

I'd be willing to provide free development tools for anyone willing to take this on, and I personally have quite a bit of knowledge about the device itself that might help someone wanting to give it a go.


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