Intel SSD 8MB BAD_CTX Firmware Bug Data Recovery

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Intel SSD 8MB BAD_CTX Firmware Bug Data Recovery

Post by qualitynice » Thu May 18, 2017 8:50 am

I was wondering if it is possible to use OpenOCD to recover data from an SSD suffering from the Intel firmware bug? This bug causes the drive to only show up as an 8MB device with no data. It occurs after a power failure or in my case changing sleep settings to allow the system to power down the drive. Unfortunately I didn't know about this bug and didn't update the firmware to fix it.

I see I can recover the drive using Intel's software by running a secure erase, but it wipes all of the data. I'm not sure if after running that I could use a partition / data recovery application or if the data is gone forever.

I have seen an application, PC-3000 SSD, which can access the drive at a really low level and find and restore translation tables. After that process, the data can be accessed and copied off. The problem is the software and hardware is about $6,000.

The data isn't all that important to me and is more of just a pain. Since I know it is recoverable I am more interested in taking on this challenge. Hopefully OpenOCD can do something similar to what PC-3000 can do or maybe someone knows a different way. This is knew to me but I love learning new things, so it's exciting to possibly be able to fix this drive. I also have a micro SD card which stopped being recognized and think if I can learn about this first drive, I may be able to recover that one as well.


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