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Open source ARM Debugger
By fatalfeel
cortex-a7 cortex-a8 cortex-a9
their BVR offset is 0x100
their BCR offset is 0x140

but now cortex-a53
BVR offset is 0x400
BCR offset is 0x408

Debug Watchpoint Value Registe
WVR 0x800
WCR 0x808

a53 BVR ... IJBFF.html

a53 BVR offset ... JHJGC.html ... IJBFF.html

how to do this
change define on /root/openocd-0.10.0/src/target/armv7a.h ????

or any good way to switch support?

//0.10.0 source cortex_a.c
if (breakpoint->type == BKPT_HARD) {
while (brp_list[brp_i].used && (brp_i < cortex_a->brp_num))
if (brp_i >= cortex_a->brp_num) {
LOG_ERROR("ERROR Can not find free Breakpoint Register Pair");
breakpoint->set = brp_i + 1;
if (breakpoint->length == 2)
byte_addr_select = (3 << (breakpoint->address & 0x02));
control = ((matchmode & 0x7) << 20)
| (byte_addr_select << 5)
| (3 << 1) | 1;
brp_list[brp_i].used = 1;
brp_list[brp_i].value = (breakpoint->address & 0xFFFFFFFC);
brp_list[brp_i].control = control;
retval = cortex_a_dap_write_memap_register_u32(target, armv7a->debug_base
+ CPUDBG_BVR_BASE + 4 * brp_list[brp_i].BRPn,
if (retval != ERROR_OK)
return retval;
retval = cortex_a_dap_write_memap_register_u32(target, armv7a->debug_base
+ CPUDBG_BCR_BASE + 4 * brp_list[brp_i].BRPn,
if (retval != ERROR_OK)
return retval;
LOG_DEBUG("brp %i control 0x%0" PRIx32 " value 0x%0" PRIx32, brp_i,
By Valen
I think nobody understands what you want or need help for. All of what you have written reads as stating facts. What is the problem?

(Not that I will be answering, as I have no idea about OpenOCD or arm chips. I just helping you out understanding why nobody replies.
By fatalfeel
BVR BCR are useful in breakpoint on Arm cortex

CoreSight Debug Access Port address + BCR offest address can set hardware breakpoint

coretx a8 a9 a7 BCR offset are the same

but a53 is different ... how do I use openocd to debug A53

cortex_a.c need to modify so need help
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