Parallel flash SST39VF3201B

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Parallel flash SST39VF3201B

Post by Skinoren » Thu May 12, 2016 3:13 pm

Hello. Sorry for my English. I am trying to program external flash on Hitex LPC4350 board. As I understand I need to enable the CFI mode on flash memory. Please help me to configure the *cfg file.

source [find interface/jlink.cfg]
source [find target/lpc4350.cfg]
# I forgot this line in another cfg file.
flash bank $_CHIPNAME.nor cfi 0x1C000000 0x00400000 2 2 $_CHIPNAME.m4

I know that I need to enable external memory bus, by using mww commands. Please help me to type this code. And I'd read in datasheet that I need to write ID 0x98 in 0x555 addres to enable CFI. Please explain to me how to do it.

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