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By Lyrri
Hello. I faced the following problem. I need to read cyclicly a region of RAM of the STM32F217. Now I do it via dump_image command. I faced with the fact that no matter what I set the speed through adapter_khz, in fact, it remains the same. I checked it with J-Link v8 and ST-Link v.2 debuggers. The screenshots shown OpenOCD startup parameters and the actual speed, which was got via logic analyzer from the TCK (SWCLK) pin.

ST-Link v.2 950 kHz

ST-Link v.2 1800 kHz

ST-Link v.2 4000 kHz

J-Link v.8 8000 kHz

What I missed or doing wrong? Does someone make experements with speed of uploading/downloading data via OpenOCD?