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Open source ARM Debugger
By bertc3p0
Hi ,

I'm using OpenOCD with a combination of JLINK (Segger) and LM3S2412 board. That's working fine.
However I want to access an external NOR flash (SST25VF032B) with OpenOCD. Here is my config:
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source [find interface/jlink.cfg]

set CHIPNAME lm3s2412
source [find target/stellaris.cfg]

flash bank $_FLASHNAME cfi 0 0 1 1 $_TARGETNAME jedec_probe
but I can't access the external flash chip (SPI). I know that the JEDEC ID is not in the OpenOCD source,
but would expect that the JEDEC ID would be read anyway.
Does anybody know if it's generally possible to access external NOR flash via MCU (Cortex-M3) ?

Best regards,