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By mangokid
I am currently trying to use the ARM-USB-TINY and the ARM-JTAG-SWD adapter to program some STM32 chips. In particular the F0, F1, and F4. The STM32F1 and F4 work fine with openocd when using JTAG. When i try and use SWD to program the STM32F0 or other variants it gets stuck on 'init'. I have used this hardware setup to program lpc11xx without any issues before. I have started spending time getting a better understanding of scripts in openocd to resolve this issue but at the moment I'm stuck.

*If i use the SWD interface from the STM Nucleo or Discovery boards it works fine with openocd.
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openocd -f interface/ftdi/olimex-arm-usb-tiny-h.cfg -f interface/ftdi/olimex-arm-jtag-swd.cfg -f target/stm32f4x.cfg       
Open On-Chip Debugger 0.9.0-dev-00346-g3e1dfdc (2015-03-10-16:17)
Licensed under GNU GPL v2
For bug reports, read
Info : FTDI SWD mode enabled
adapter speed: 2000 kHz
adapter_nsrst_delay: 100
none separate
cortex_m reset_config sysresetreq
Info : clock speed 2000 kHz
in procedure 'init' 
in procedure 'ocd_bouncer' 
in procedure 'transport'
in procedure 'init'

Thanks all