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Open source ARM Debugger
By ravaz
I'm trying to use openocd with LPC4078 without success since I can't find the right script file. I tried to use the script for lpc1768 but then I'm unable to write the flash. I'm using st-link/V2 as interface.
The parameter for launching openocd are:
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-f /interface/stlink-v2.cfg  -c "transport select hla_swd" -f  /target/lpc17xx.cfg
With those parameters openocd connects correctly to the board but when I try to write the flash I get the following error message:
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BUG: unknown Part ID encountered: 0x47193f47 
Which makes sense since I specified lpc1768 and the cpu is lpc4078, but I can't find the right script. The error message comes from lpc2000.c source file, in this file there's no mention to lpc4000 familly flash. Should i use another flash memory driver?

Is there anybody out there which made it working with the "openocd <-> st-link <-> lpc4078" combination?

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By nemuisan

LPC407x/8x should work same cfg by LPC177x/8x,but lack of support flash auto detection
for LPC407x/8x on current commit.I will commit auto detection for LPC407x/8x devices.

For the time,you can use attached file for lpc4078/88 special cfg instead of lpc17xx.cfg.
(This cfg file work with OpenOCD0.9.0-dev latest commit)

It can be same usage like lpc17xx:
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-f interface/stlink-v2.cfg -c "transport select hla_swd" -f target/lpc4088_flash.cfg
For example,to flash "main.elf",you can execute procedure call.
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-f interface/stlink-v2.cfg -c "transport select hla_swd" -f target/lpc4088_flash.cfg -c "mt_flash main.elf"
Best regards.

Nemui Trinomius.
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