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Open source ARM Debugger
By johnroloiii

I'm a newcomer to the OpenOCD world who is looking to use OpenOCD as a debug proxy server for an OpenRISC processor. I am using ORPSOCv3 for my hardware development and plan on using a Virtex-5 FPGA for implementing the processor. In reading the documentation for OpenOCD I find that there seems to be good support for Altera devices with this software, but I can hardly find anything online on using it with Xilinx. If anybody here could answer these questions for me I would very grateful:

1. Is OpenOCD currently compatible with Xilinx devices? From what I've seen there is support for XSVF.

2. How should I configure the OpenOCD build for Xilinx support? Do I use --enable-libusb0 if I am using a Xilinx Platform USB cable, or what other options do I need to include?

3. Has anyone written a .cfg file for the Virtex-5 or a similar FPGA for use with OpenOCD?

By tanveergh
For 2, I am using a jtag usb tiny instead of Xilinx Platform USB cable. I could configure Openocd for this jtag.
Were you able to create a .cfg file for Virtex-5 ?
Do xilinx guys provide a cfg for their device.
I think, we just need the jtag tap values only for example. 1. device name (which may be xc3s1000 etc) 2. expected-id 3. irlen.
But from where to get this information.