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Open source ARM Debugger
By drwho9437
I believe this may have been discussed somewhat before here, but I didn't fully follow: ... 13001.html

I am hoping someone wiser in OpenOCD will know.

I have a LMS9B92 dev board. Chip is rev B1. I am using the provided "ek-lm3s9b9x.cfg" script (I have an ARM-USB-TINY but am using the supplied FTDI JTAG with the board).

"reset halt" fails with timeout error... expected return code but got 'TARGET: lm3s9b9x.cpu - Not halted'

"halt" command seems to work in order to prepare it for flashing, and flashing seems to work

If I comment out the last line:
#LM3S9B9x Evaluation Board has only srst
#reset_config srst_only

"reset halt" does not return an error.

I would like and information on: if there is any negative effect known in commenting out this line, what the details are on the soft-reset only requirement, and if the the trunk was patched with the code in the thread I mention.

I tired posting this to the OpenOCD dev mailing list but it just rejected it the first time and later told me I was not allowed to post at all. I find that very odd...
By drwho9437
Hi Spen,

Thanks for the reply. I know what git so you are telling me to build the current branch to fix this basically is how I read that. Sorry I am not a very linuxy person as yet...


Done and working better now.