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Open source ARM Debugger
By jeez
Hey guys!

I'm writing my final graduatition project and I'm developing a JTAG debugger for the ERESI framework ( Right now, I'm on my initial research and need to find out how to bootstrap this. I'm planning on do the first version for ARM-JTAG (using LPC-E2124 board, an ARM7TDMI board). I would like to know if is there anything such as an open "libjtag" that I could use for this, or if you think that I will have to write it myself - implementing the arm-jtag protocol from scratch. Anyone could help on this or could point me anything/anyone?

I already had a good discussion about this on #openjtag, as you can see here: . Looking at your documentation, I saw that I can interface with OpenOCD by using GDB protocol, but I was wondering if this shouldn't be too much slow. That's why I'm looking for this "libjtag".

In summary, I want to access the on-chip debug module using the JTAG (arm-jtag) interface. By doing this, I want to use the ERESI framework to write a jtag debugger. I need a way to interface JTAG and ERESI. This lib would be this interface. Something like ARM7TDMI <--> LPCE2124 <--> OpenOCD <--> ??INTERFACE?? <--> ERESI

Hope you can help me!

Thanks in advance,
By jeez
Anyone ?! =/

Ok, so the answer to this seems that GDB protocol is the only way, right ? =/