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By CloudInnovations

I emailed with an inquiry two weeks ago and haven't heard back. I'd like to discuss custom pcb hardware. Should I send a follow up email?


Marco Fusco
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By rodbah
My name is Rod, I live in the Bay Area and I want to start this cool project:

I want to track our home's garbage consumption by building a wood garbage bin cover that has sensors to gather data every time we open each of the three bins. I want to use this data to track the visits with maybe a motion sensor above each garbage bin, then use the data collected to see if our consumption has gone up over 6 months or has stayed stagnant, etc. I could then use Python to automate the tracking activity and build an analysis visual on a small screen attached to the wood bin cover.

Wood Cover Example: ... 5iEALw_wcB

Please let me know what I need for this project, it's a fun idea I have for my Stanford Design school application and I want to be hands-on as much as possible. I am new to this forum layout so if this is the incorrect location for this post please let me know, otherwise all help is welcome! THX
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