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By hopew
URGENT - *** I couldn't figure out any other way of asking if we can order without the card on the back - HMC6343 - Digikey will not answer this, and this is for a government-affiliated end user. Please advise next steps upon receipt, you can reply to my email on file for privacy purposes - and thank you so very much for your help to use :D
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By kerry_11
Has the HMC6343 assembly been discontinued, or is production of the full board still supposed to resume at some point?
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By YellowDog
Sounds like he's needing the ic itself. I doubt very much sparkfun has any or they would just build the board.

To the OP, if you really need the ic, your chances of finding one probably aren't very good. If you can find a board with one on it you should be able to salvage it.
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By kerry_11
A couple suppliers I've been in touch with - and I've had the part backordered for ~1 year - never indicated it was discontinued, just delayed, and the link above says the HMR3000 is discontinued not the HMC6343. So forgive me for finding the status of the production to be a bit opaque. But thanks for the snarky assistance.
By jremington
@kerry_11: the HMC6343 is discontinued. If you are interested in continuing with @hopew's thread, consider another magnetometer with similar specifications.
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