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By Hikmet
I'm working on the project and i want to connect two sparkfun bmp581 sensor boards to one arduino using i2c connection. Using sparkfun bmp581 library can i get data from both of them?

Thank you in advance.
By paulvha
Change the link on the board to select the other address.

Add another constructor in top of sketch : BMP581 pressureSensor_1;

define new address : uint8_t NEW_i2cAddress = BMP581_I2C_ADDRESS_SECONDARY; ( 0x46)

For the rest refer to the second BMP581 as pressureSensor_1, e.g start the second BMP581 as : while(pressureSensor_1.beginI2C(NEW_i2cAddress) != BMP5_OK)
By paulvha
I would expect so. The example compiles without errors for an ESP32 and I do not see anything fancy in the driver that worries me. BUT I can't I do not own one :-)
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