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By Kkleman16

Do you have any products to help design an electric tape measure?

I would like to have a "beacon" I can leave at point A. The receiver would be able to measure distance in real time between point A and B. No lasers.

I work on baseball fields, we measure from home plate to pitcher's mound. It has to be accurate and repeatable. The wind and elasticity of tape measures throw off measurements. We are professionals and need to be accurate.

Distance is 60-90 ft. If possible 135'

If you have questions or can point me to a couple products please let me know.

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By TS-Russell
The combined constraints make this a bit tricky....the amount of light day-to-day can effect lidar, bluetooth maxes around those distances, etc....

I would probably go analog and pre-measure a long length of heavier cable/rope or something and mark the important lengths with tape/tags/marks somewhere flat/not windy, then take it to back to the fields and bingo
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