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Hi everyone, im new pretty new in this kind of implementation and solutions, im trying to build this to detect and visualize the data.

I want to buy this station:
I guess this module is necesary:
And this processor:
For the lightning detectori want to use this:

I read that using the Arduino IDE, and the Sparkfun library ... no_Library

Also I checked that i can connect the station to WiFi.

My questions are:

1. How can I connect the Ligtning detector to the micromod.
2. I can read that with the same library?.
3. Do you have any guide to send and storage data in a local server? and what software can i use to reveiced and display data? eg. Grafana, MySql, etc?
4. I want also use a siren like this ... VC/1745649 to connect the stations and when detects some lightning turn on the siren for X period of time. (Some body recommend to use this also but im not sure why ... al-ds3231/)

Thanks for your help!
1. Use the lightning detector hookup guide for reference and hook it up to the weather carrier's pins
2. You'd add/use the library from the above link
3. We usually recommend the Arduino Serial monitor, Teracom, minicom, or similar...check youtube for instructionals for a specific platform
4. It looks like it could work....for the 2nd module use the library from their website
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