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By Bhazelton
I have a project I am working on. The objective of the project is to use gps on a rover to map a paved section of road. The idea being drop the rover at a starting point and "zero" it. Let it make its path and record change in elevation from the zero point to the finish point as well as rises and dips along the path to the finish point. The output data needs to be a 0-5vdc signal. I have no idea what product to use from spark fun to make this project happen, any input would be appreciated.
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By TS-Russell
I would start here ... okup-guide with going through the F9R's hookup guide to get an overview of RTK & dead-reckoning and proceed from there

You'll definitely need *some* kind of RTK device, perhaps 2 or more depending on the necessary precision (base + rover) and how good the correction data is

Our devices are generally 3v I/O, but you can always use a level shifter if your project requires 5v output
By brow
If a map is the desired result, my guess is that the 5v analog output is not what you really want and likely a distraction.
By jremington
Expect to encounter significant challenges if the rover needs to autonomous, navigate a reasonably straight path along the road and recognize the endpoint. If so, what is your plan for that?

What about traffic avoidance?
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