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My current setup is the ICM-20948( being connected to a Qwiic Cable - Breadboard Jumper( to the arduino Uno directly.

I am running the Example basic program in the library
After uncommenting the debugging line, I received data underflow for everything possible.

I have also tried to wire both SPI(Defined SPI) and I2C and both had the same result, data underflow for everything.

Due to time constraints, I will not be able to order anything new and because of the time it will take to arrive.
I currently have the arduino uno kit and 2 qwiic connect cables.

(I am sorry if this may be a repeat but the other threads weren't helpful)
I was hoping to find what might be wrong but it didn't do anything other than give me data underflow for everything.

I'm very sure the code works because I pulled it straight from the library and the IMU is sending something to the Arduino, but it all comes out as data underflow.
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