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By Christoforos_18

I have purchased the BME688 sensor on Sparkfun 19096 board. I have connected it with I2C communication protocol to esp32 pico d4 development kit and used the SV-Zanshin Arduino library on GitHub to read the sensor data. All data show as expected except the gas measurement which doesn't change value.

My questions are:
1. What does the bare value read from the sensor represent? Ohms, KOhms?
2. Can I connect the sensor to Arduino Uno with 5V supply? The Sparkfun board doesn't have voltage regulator. Will the 5V logic of Arduino uno work?
3. Why is the resistance value of the sensor not changing and the bare value read is 13007335?

Many thanks! Greatly appreciated!

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By Christoforos_18
To add to the above information:

Here is the full list of the specifications I am using.


macOS Monterey 12.6.2

Arduino IDE version 1.8.19


Bosch BME688

Breakout board:

Sparkfun 19096 - [](


Adafruit - []( - This doesn’t find the sensor.

SV-Zanshin - []( (recommended by Sparkfun)

Bosch - []( - This doesn’t find the sensor.

Development board:

esp32 pico d4 kit - [ ... o-kit.html]( ... o-kit.html)

esp32 WROOM32 - [ ... pmentboard]( ... pmentboard)

Tutorial followed:

Sparkfun - [ ... okup-guide]( ... okup-guide)

Random Tutorials - [ ... r-arduino/]( ... r-arduino/) - This doesn’t find the sensor.

Arduino Example used:

BME688 I2C demo
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