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By Munyua44
help me identify the following component
You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.
By paulvha
Agree with YellowDog.. It would also help to provide more information (what board or in what device etc ?).
It looks to me like a relais as it looks to have the same footprint as the K2 next to it. A 'K' is normally used to indicate a relais
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By rpiloverbd
Sorry. Can't help. At first glance, it looked like a ceramic cement power resistor. But later it looked like a connector. I think it will be better if you post with some more pictures from other sides also.
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By darrellg
I'm pretty sure, based on the footprint and the reference designator, that it is a relay.
By brow
I think it's a relay, too.

But I'm also wondering why OP is asking about it.
The watermark is for a stock photo provider.
By n1ist
Looking at the traces for the missing one next to it, it is a dual form C (DPDT) relay
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By Munyua44
thanks, guys. is there a way I can troubleshoot it to prove that it is a relay? I can see most of the experts are settling for a relay. Can it be proved experimentally or even through test equipment if we have any that is available?
By paulvha
The only way is to try to reverse engineer the schematics by following the different traces. Maybe more components are missing ( e.g. a transistor that would drive the relais or a fly-back diode)

That said I NEVER install a component on a board if I am not sure 100% what it will do.
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