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By jamestaliaferro
Good morning!
I’m currently planning a project and prototyping it with Qwiic boards, and I hope to sell a small production run of it with ALC later.

One of the features I need for it is a secure element, for generating digital signatures.
Right now my best option is to add a Qwiic connector and put DEV-15573 (the ATECC508A Qwiic board) in the device separately, but I don’t particularly like that solution and it’d be nice to have that same ATECC508A included directly on my board.

Alternatively, if you were to add support for the ESP32-S2 as a controller, that has a cryptographic coprocessor onboard that can also generate signatures in a way that will work for me.

I know you folks are very busy people; this isn’t particularly urgent (there’s still a lot of design work for me to do.) It’d just be nice to have.

Thanks for your help!
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