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By Javboy
I want to order a ALC board, but I want a simple connection to a 4d systems display with no soldering. I didn't see the option for male headers, just through holes. am I missing something?
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By TS-Russell
Thanks for reaching out to us on this.

The options available for the design should be listed under the 'Connections' tab

Hope this helps, and happy sparking!
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By Javboy
in there I only see plated through holes, no male or female headers.


I want to be able to connect this guy
without soldering
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By YellowDog
I think you have to solder the headers yourself, they don't come already assembled.
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By Javboy
ok, that was my main reason for building an ALC board though, if I need to solder that, why not just do everything else too?
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By YellowDog
The amount of work required to solder headers on an already made board vs. designing a PCB, having it made and then soldering all the itsy bitsy parts onto it is like the difference building a sand castle on a beach or building a real castle on a mountain top.

Doesn't look like sparkfun offers headers on their alc boards at the moment but they are doing 99.99% of the work for you. that extra 0.01% you need to do by soldering headers is really nothing, you can do it in less than a minute once your soldering iron is warmed up.
By n1ist
Since there's a large variety of connectors, headers, and wires that can attach to the holes, they leave it to the end user to decide what to use. Also, soldering through-hole parts is a separate step, and for custom boards would have to be done by hand anyway.
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