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By LiteFi
Hello, I really like this ALC design system. I only have a few additional requests, but they do not appear to be available products.

For example, the solar option for Artemis (or any other board it seems) requires a 10W panel.

I am interested in an indoor energy harvester like the TI BQ25570 or the Epeas AEM10941. This way I can use amorphous panels.

Also, I would like to add more RAM, maybe something like 8MB SRAM:

I have no idea how to put these together, but I would like to build a nano-powered Raspberry Pi-like laptop motherboard with an OS that runs in initrd like tinycore linux: ... kic-laptop

For the display I would like a MIP display connector like : ... isplay-inc. I understand it would be really complex but of course it could be a general purpose board with quite a bit of compatibility for various displays and systems- tablets, phones and laptops!

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