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By TS-John
--Macintosh troubleshooting--

If for some reason WebGL is not being enabled in Safari on your Mac it might be due to a security setting. The fix is to enable WebGL in Safari, but this must be done via a terminal. On the macs that worked , they had no custom prefs set, so WebGL is enabled by default so this might not be an issue on your specific machine.

How to fix:

At a command line:

How to see the error:
defaults read | grep -i webgl

If webGL is not enabled, you see the following in the output :
"WebKitPreferences.webGLEnabled" = 0;

To enable WebGL on the failing system, you need to do this:
defaults write WebKitPreferences.webGLEnabled 1

Restart Safari

Also, even with WebGL enabled, to get the preview to show after adding a block/controller, you may need to refresh the page – before or after the first block is loaded.
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By Munyua44
i know how to fix this one in windows. I think if you can try looking for the solution in the mac forum you could get solution very quickly.
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