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By iscold309
I am trying to use a Thing Plus Dual-Port Logging with a SparkFun Thing Plus - ESP32 WROOM (USB-C). Running the provided examples, I am getting stuck on example 5 - Sleep_SPI. While trying to initiate the SD library - SD.begin(chipSelect) - I am getting the following error:

E (32020) gpio: GPIO can only be used as input mode
E (32020) gpio: gpio_set_level(226): GPIO output gpio_num error

chipselect is defined as A5. I tried to other options A4 and A3 but I get the same error.

Is the Thing Plus Dual-Port Logging incompatible with the SparkFun Thing Plus - ESP32 WROOM (USB-C)?
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By iscold309
Well, when you look at the schematics of the dual port logging shield ... ic_v11.pdf, (look at the thing plus footprint), it is clear that the CS pin is connected to A5 (GPIO04) (or optionally to A4 - GPIO36 and A3 - GPIO39). Based on the graphical data sheet the * on GPIO036 and GPIO039 denotes that it can't be used as port output, but A5-GPIO04 has no restrictions.

The SD card logger that is on the ESP WROOM (USB-C) is connected to GPIO05 and it works, but I really want the features of the dual port logging shield...

I don't have another MCU. Do you have a suggestion of a model that might work with this datalogger?
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By sgrunc_80
Having the same problem. Just think they made the two boards incompatible with each other.. only problem they didn't communicating it!
Maybe it's possible modifying the board definiton file of the ESP32 WROOM (USB-C).

As workaround solution, if you still want use them together, you can try to avoid inserting the pin A5 and from the Dual Shield connect this one with a jumper cable to another free IO on the ESP32. I'm using the IO04. It works, also if is not so nice to see and you need not to push them togheter to tight to avoid a short circuit between the wrong A5... If you need as fixed solution just cut the pin and solder the proper connection.
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