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By bm16ton
So i hhave 2 artemis nano's, on my 4 pc's one nano has its charging led act weird when plugged in. i have no battery attached, on one pc tge led turns on immediatly and stays on, another pc it blinks very rrapidly and intermittent and another it blinks but more slowly and sorta less intermittent. my other nano does similiar blinking on one of my pcs just much less and is almost perfectly fine except for sum rare flickers on the rest. Besides that the board appears to work perfectly fine on all the pc's. My fear here is sum cap has failed etc. Hopefully i can find my inline usb port volt/amp meter because im fairly certain it must be sum variation in voltage/amp. it works perfectly fine no LED lighting at all on my raspberrypi 4 and an old laptop i have. Anyone seen this or know of any reason? Should i be nervous?
ps have u guys added arm64 to the arduino boards package yet? been using arm64 arduino for close to a year and have had no issues. The only thing required to get it to work is a arm64 toolchain, so if u guys could just throw a url into that boards file (if u havent already) i would be super appreciative its a pain in the *** to upgrade at the moment. Thank you! live you guys and your awesome products!
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By bm16ton
update: probly a red hearing but the charge led is behaving like a bluetooth activity led. it doesnt comeon with non bluetooth sketches, it stays solid when bluetooth is enabled but inactive and blinks with activity. my usb volt/amp meter only goes tto hundreths on amps ie 0.00 and isnt sensitive enugf to detect its current tho a 10mah led the meter shows fine. the few pcs that the led doesnt turn on with all have above 5v outputs on usb like 5.12 to 5.2. also i see no voltage drop when using bluetooth the voltage stays solid with or wo bluetooth and its the same voltage with wo bluetooth 4.95v im not great at datasheets but the one for the onboard lipo charger seemed to say typical needs 1v above the 4.1v battery out to function but sum parts may need 1.3v above and it can cause resets which make status pin blink...Is that correct? if so those margins suck for 5v usb ports! Itd be a miracle when it was able to charge via usb! so i think i musta misunderstood. but still nervous about using it if its being caused by a short etc. if i put a volt meter on the battery plug/neg pins i get 4.2 and led shuts off, but im guessing the resistence of voltmeter tricks it into charging mode? is light on during charging and off when done or vice versa?
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