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By Bongos
Hi. I seem to have semi-bricked (see below for why I'm not saying "fully bricked") two red OpenLog Artemis boards by running the Artemis Firmware Uploader v2.0. I uploaded OpenLog_Artemis-V10-v20.bin, which I believe is current as of this writing.

On both boards, the upload seemed to proceed ok, with five sets of "Sending frame" and "Got frame request" messages, ending with "Upload complete!" However, after the upload, neither board outputs anything (no logging and no help menu) to the USB serial monitor, nor do they log to the microSD. Experimenting with the host baud rate makes no difference- no characters, garbage or otherwise, appear.

A third OLA, which I didn't update, works fine, indicating, at least, that my USB host terminal setup (Arduino IDE Serial Monitor at 115,200 baud) isn't the issue. I close the Serial Monitor window, unplug all USB devices, connect an unhappy OLA to the PC (Windows makes a happy beep), and select that OLA in the Tools:Port menu. I then open the Serial Monitor, but can't get a peep out of the OLA.

Pressing the OLA's reset button doesn't help, nor does typing H or ctrl-x. Moving the microSD card from the working OLA to either of the unhappy OLAs doesn't help, either.

I called the unhappy OLAs "semi-bricked" because re-running the Firmware Uploader on those otherwise non-responsive OLAs yields the same series of "Sending frame," "Got frame request" and "Upload complete" messages, indicating that the host can communicate with the OLAs through USB just fine, at least with the Firmware Uploader.

The solution to this issue is probably something simple but, being new to the OLA, I don't yet know how to troubleshoot this. Can you suggest some things to check?

Many thanks.
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By PaulZC
Hi @Bongos,

I've just checked the OpenLog Artemis binary file and it works OK for me. Like you, I used the Artemis Firmware Uploader GUI v2.0. Like you, I used OpenLog_Artemis-V10-v20.bin and I get the "Upload complete!" message. Afterwards the OLA starts logging as normal. If I open a Serial Monitor I see the usual stream of messages and measurement. So, it looks like the binary is good.

Can I suggest downloading the OLA binary again, just in case something bad happened there? Maybe the file got corrupted, or you ended up with some kind of HTML copy? I suggest downloading the complete zip file for the whole OLA repo, extract it and then open the Binaries folder to see all the binary files. ... e/

The upload should take 176 frames:
Best wishes,
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