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By hard_to_find_a_uname

I am working on an OLA, trying to log 9DoF IMU plus a MS8607 Qwiic Sensor data as fast as possible (preferably 100Hz). However, I can only log data at ~70Hz (without plugging in MS8607) and 10Hz (with MS8607 plugged). After a few attempts, I still have not found any solution to logging at higher rates. Please advice! Thank you.

Also, I tried to modify the firmware of OLA a little bit, to store log data into memory and dump into the SD card every few minutes. The reason I did so is that I wish to lower the power draw, since writing to SD card frequently may consume more energy. But I also encountered a few problems while doing so: 1, logging rate becomes even slower, which is 4 Hz with MS8607 plugged; 2, I can only utilize ~300KB out of the 1MB onboard memory.

To sum up, my questions are:
1. How could I increase the logging frequency as much as possible?
2. Does my modification to the firmware help to reduce power consumtion?
3. If the answer is a yes for the previous question, is it possible to maxmize memory usage, hence minimize frequency of writing to SD card?

Thank you for your help! Have a great day.
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By PaulZC
Hi hard_to_find...,
You can get 100Hz logging with the IMU but you really need to streamline the data you are logging:
You need to disable everything except the IMU data. Disable the date, time and logging Hertz. That will increase the rate.
Try setting the MS8607 pressure resolution to 0.11mbar via the "Detect / Configure Attached Devices" menu. That should help speed up the measurements but they will be noisier. Changing the humidity resolution may help too.
Best wishes,
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