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By jmjo
I ordered my SparkFun expLoRaBLE. Waiting for shipment, I look what software is available. Seems that the LoRa softwares are compiling.
But what about BLE???
The ArduinoBLE sounds not compatible with the SparkFun expLoRaBLE. No explanation in the the tutorial about this topic.
Tried Led Example but at first complain that my MCU is not compatible and at end does not compile.

Anyone has a clue or some hints about this? Thank you for some help.
By paulvha
looking at ExploRABLE it needs to run on Sparkfun 2.0.5. ArduinoBLE runs and works well on 2.0.5. The warning message about compatibility can be neglected. It is because of a parameter library.propertiies file. Not sure what Led-example you used and what the error message is that it does not compile. please share that so we can help
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By jmjo
@paulvha, thank you for your reply.
I am using Sparkfun 2.0.5.
I already modified the ArduinoBLE properties to enable Apollo3 board.
ArduinoBLE is 1.1.3
Now if I just
#include <ArduinoBLE.h>
I get plenty of errors in compilation like the following one:
packages\SparkFun\hardware\apollo3\2.0.5/cores/mbed-os/rtos/ThisThread.h:216:6: note: declared here
void sleep_for(uint32_t millisec);
Strangly they almost all have to do with mbed-os, which for me make no sense to me.
In any cases I do not compile when including ArduinoBLE in my code.
By paulvha
These are not "errors" that will block compile, but "warnings". All of them are because the way they are defined in ArduinoBLE library and conflict/overlap with earlier definitions. A number of them needs a different way way to allocate memory etc. Despite these warnings.. code compiles and works.
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By jmjo
Oh! OK I understand, I am not an expert with Arduino. :)
But you are right the compile ended.
I will try to write some BLE code soon to see how this will compile.
Tanks a lot for your help.
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