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By ryann
I'm trying to figure out how to get wireless access to the OLA's terminal.

It seems there are three ways this might be done:
  1. Use the built in BLE functionality,
  2. Find some way to attach a BT device to the USB-C port,
  3. Modify the firmware so that the RX and TX pins can be used for the terminal.
While #1 would be best, I need to deploy this in March, and built in BLE may not be ready by then.
I'm no expert in USB-C, but I don't think I'll have any success finding a a BT module that's also a USB-C host.
That leaves me with #3 which might be a nice feature, but if I recall from past experiences, abstracting serial ports isn't trivial.

My device will be hard to get at, and often under water. When not under water, I'd like to stream live data (very low sample rate) and download previous data without opening up the sealed enclosure.
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By PaulZC
Hi Ryan,
We do still plan to implement BLE support on the OLA, but sadly not soon. We've got a bunch of other stuff to tackle first.
Using the USB-C port directly would be tricky as the port is expecting to be connected to a host. To connect a USB-wireless device, you would need the Artemis to _be_ the host. It might be easier to hack the board, remove the CH340E, and connect the RX0/TX0 to a wireless module? e.g. But, if you do that, you would almost certainly have problems when uploading new firmware as that procedure needs access to the RTS pin too.
Yes, you could change the code so that the menus etc. are accessed via the RX and TX pins, but you would need to disable the serial logging and analog read code first. Then replace all of the Serial calls with SerialLog.
My advice would be to try option 3 first. Removing the CH340 is a bit drastic.
Good luck!
All the best,
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By jimbrookline
Hi, Wonder if you guys could comment: I need a wireless link from sensor to a terminal on a PC or mobile. Was hoping to use the BLE library with Artemis OLA, but I see that is not ready. (I was trying example here:tutorials/getting-started-with-the-artemis-development-kit/arduino-examples but code would not compile). But you seem to be saying I could use the OLA as the host/central? So perhaps I get what the Arduino ble library says it is compatible with - Arduino MKR WiFi 1010, Arduino Uno WiFi Rev2 board, Arduino Nano 33 IoT, Arduino Nano 33 BLE, or Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense board for the peripheral sensor node, and have it transmit to and be received by the OLA and then have it show data on the serial monitor? (I have used the NRF52 serial monitor before but don't understand the programming required to get data on the screen....). Any inputs helpful. Jim
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By PaulZC
Hi again Jim,
We do plan to add BLE support on the OLA - but that means upgrading the OLA to use v2.0 of Apollo3 - which means changing to Mbed - and, all in, that's a big job... We will do it, but not right now.
I was suggesting to Ryan that - for now - it might be easier to hack the OLA code so it uses SerialLog (the TX and Rx breakout pins) instead of Serial via USB. Then you could add your own wireless link via the Tx/Rx pins.
Best wishes,
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