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By RandyE
I am using a RedBoard Artemis with the arduinoBLE library. I am having trouble with BLE causing the board to crash after running 30 minutes. Before 30 minutes everything works fine, but after 30 minutes if I try to access BLE, the MbedOS crashes with the attached message sent to the Serial output.
This happens with my code as well as the example code for Peripheral, CallbackLED.
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By paulvha
yep... that is a known issue for me. It took me a while (read a week due to the lack of any good documentation) to debug that, and I have posted the reason and solution 2 days ago on The root cause is memory leak as result of the BLE-heartbeat in combination with ArduinoBLE. After making the change it worked 24 hours without any problems.

As documented in the issue 314, the solution will require a recompile/ install of the mbed-os library. How to do that ? I wrote down the way I handle that and had included that to

If you need help, drop me a PM.
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By RandyE
Thank you!
Is there any chance that Sparkfun will fix this issue and provide the updated mbed-os library?
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By TS-John
Our engineers monitor GitHub issues and prioritize them as they come in depending on the issue. Due to the holidays, there will be some delays as of now I am afraid.

Hopefully this will get looked at and worked on after the New Year.
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