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By jurvo
I am running a simple data-acquisition program with the micromod artemis on a datalogger carrierboard.
I disabled all led's, and I am measuring the current drawn form the battery.
= I take 1 sample per second from I2C (qwiic) sensor (SHT 85) , and after that, goto deepsleep, until wakeup for the next measurement. After 100 measurements, I store the values on sd-card.

= I find 2,5 mA during deepsleep wich is rather high I think. (ADC off)
I am using the command: am_hal_sysctrl_sleep(AM_HAL_SYSCTRL_SLEEP_DEEP); // Sleep forever

Turning off G0, G1 and G2 (in various combinations ) leads to much higher battery current (~ 25 mA).

How can I reduce the power? I cant find a real world low-power example (taking measurement, sleeping and storing to sdcard). Help is much appreciated.

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By YellowDog
The main voltage regulator on the board might be consuming a bit of current but there's also power going to the Qwiic port and the SD socket. In addition, there's a battery on the board that's getting charged from your main batteries.

It looks like you can disable power for the Qwiic port and the SD socket, doing that might help reduce current a bit but the onboard battery and main VR are always going to be burning a bit of current. You may be able to decrease the amount of current, but you can't eliminate all current draw from the carrier board.

From the hookup guide:
Power Control Circuit

The Data Logging Carrier Board features two 3.3V/600mA voltage regulators that have their Enable pins tied to I/O pins on an attached MicroMod Processor Board. This allows control of the regulators' output with a few lines of code making it extremely simple to control and conserve power in battery-powered applications. The G1-3V3 line is controlled by G1 on the MicroMod Processor and the G2-3.3V circuit is (as you may suspect) is controlled by G2 on the MicroMod Processor. The G1-3.3V power circuit is tied to several pins highlighted in the below photo for extra flexibility powering external devices. The G2-3V3 output is tied to the 3.3V pin on the Qwiic connector as well as a dedicated PTH pin labeled G2-3V3.
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