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Recently got a couple of SparkFun GPS Breakout - NEO-M9N, U.FL (Qwiic) GPS-15712 boards for use with the Sparkfun Artemis Open log running firmware V 1.6.
Is there a way of updating firmware for the SparkFun GPS Breakout - NEO-M9N, U.FL (Qwiic) GPS-15712, reading through documentation the board is auto recognised by the Artemis but not sure how to update the firmware for the GPS board.
Any advice on this appreciated, thanks.
The GPS board functions independently and used to be recognized when connected to the Artemis Open log, but now when I restart the Openlog board it doesnt recognize the Qwic address of the GPS board, how do reset the GPS board back to original factory settings ?
When I start the Artemis Open log using a terminal program
I get the message saying
Identifying Qwiic devices
known I2C address but device failed identification at address 0x42

Pressing option 6 from the main menu displays message No Qwiic devices detected on Qwiic bus
There is a way to reset the GPS back to defaults through U-Center, it's a button called 'Default Config' if I recall.
As long as U-Center is able to communicate with the GPS, that might work for you.
Another alternative would be to run the 'reset module' sketch that sets the GPS back to factory defaults, that's in our Ublox library.
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Thanks, the U=center GUi is a bit complex, think I must of inadvertingly clicked on the three cogwheel config menus on the right hand side of the GUi showed in your jpeg.
Not sure if I have accidently overwritten the default config for the board in the Ucenter software.
I can still connect to it using U=center so will try that first. Not so certain about how to reset using other method using the reset module sketch as am not familiar using arduino and sketches, I didnt quite follow the link suggested for the Ublox library. There is also an update firmware menu within the U÷center software, can I use that method using lateset manufacturer Ublox firmware but not sure if implementation for Sparkfun Neo M9N U.FL board firmware is custom variant.
Thanks I managed to reset it back to normal using the Ublox firmware 4.04 binary and applied it using the Ucenter software, so its all back to normal now and I'll be more next time using the Ucenter software, there are a lot of menus which are for advanced users which can reconfigure the GPS settings. However I ordered some spare GPS boards in case I make same error again.
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