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By Gloag
I am using the Qwiic TC amplifier(SEN-16294) with the Artemis OpenLog board. The OLA does not see the amplifier board when connected with a Qwiic cable. I have four other Qwiic sensor boards that work with the OLA(PT100, BMP280, etc). The TC amplifier board works when connected to a RedBoard Qwiic with a Qwiic cable. I also have the X version of the Thermocouple amplifier with the same problem. The OLA firmware is 1.6.
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By Gloag
Yes still have the problem. The MCP9600 thermocouple amplifier works properly with a Redboard Qwiic with the Qwiic connector but the Artemis OpenLog does not see it on the Qwiic bus. Other sensor boards are recognized and work with the OLA.
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By PaulZC
Hi john_m3,

Apologies - it is still on the things-to-do list. But is almost at the top! I have the hardware now.

Something you could try, please. If you open Menu 6 (Configure Attached Devices), then "Configure Qwiic Settings", you'll see an option to change the Maximum Qwiic Bus Speed. If this is set to 400000 Hz, please change it to 100000 Hz. The MCP9600 is sensitive to the I2C clock rate and doesn't like 400kHz. The code _should_ be using 100kHz to find the MCP9600 but there might be a gremlin in there...

Best wishes,

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By PaulZC
Hi Ray / All,
This was a tricky little problem to solve. I do have a solution but have had to restructure the OLA code and update the MCP9600 library to get there.
There is a quick summary here:
Please update your OLA with the latest v17_BETA binary and let me know if it works. The MCP9600 should now be detected correctly. ... r/Binaries
I've tested it with and without other devices, with and without muxes. The only test I haven't tried is connecting multiple MCP9600's (with different addresses of course). If you are able to test that - please do!
Best wishes,
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By PaulZC
That's great news Ray - thank you!

Sorry it took a while...

I need to add some new sensors to v17 before it goes public. I hope to be able to do a formal release early next week.

All the best,

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By john_m3
Installed v1.7b, now up and running. I'll will watch for your v1.7 release.
I only have one MCP9600. This is my first experience with OLA, a very cool data-logger.
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