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By butterbro
Hey so, I'm having all these issues but I need ArduinoBLE for this project. Can't just roll back from 2.0.1 and call it a day.

My boards are Nanos. I've always used ASB in the past because it has always been marked Recommended in my copy of Arduino IDE. At first I thought my issue was that I'd recently updated to Arduino 1.8.13 but fully uninstalling and doing a clean downgrade to 1.8.5 (as recommended by a support tech elsewhere on the forums) has if anything made it all worse.

I *occasionally* get ASB to complete an upload. SVL was initially never working, but I was able to reflash the bootloader. Now it always succeeds at uploading but the uploaded program never runs.

Any sketch with
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#include <ArduinoBLE.h>
will never upload via ASB, ever. It will upload by SVL but again never executes.

One of these Nanos arrived seemingly DOA but came to life when I soldered the headers on. The other one is from the same batch. I'm tempted to try blasting a few spots with my air gun and see if that helps...
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By butterbro
I've learned a few things since last post and possibly achieved a slightly cleaner environment. The situation currently appears to be this:

1. SVL is a no-go. To be totally honest I thought "Out Of Order" in the Arduino IDE meant something about byte order. Oops!

2. ASB works sometimes, whether or not the file contains ArduinoBLE or anything else that produces large / slow builds. I have set the SVL baudrate to 115200 on the off chance that it's affecting ASB somehow. I dunno if it helps but it's hard not to get a little superstitious with these inconsistent bugs. Success rate is maybe 30% ?

The slow build times make dealing with this a real pain. I think I see in where I could increase the number of retries, but it seems to either work on the first try or not at all. I need to be able to re-attempt the upload entirely without rebuilding the sketch. Can I just call I'm having a hard time understanding some of these arguments... and I'm not really familiar with how Arduino IDE does things under the scenes. Could somebody show me an example of a typical upload command?

For now I'm looking into PlatformIO since I believe they provide terminal support for no-build uploads.
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