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By Don Wills
The new board called the Artemis Development Kit looks like something I would be interested in. I am looking for a real operating system to run on an ARM M4F in a battery based project with BLE. The Ambiq Apollo3 chip seems to be the best alternative. But using the Ambiq SDK or Arduino are not acceptable. FreeRTOS and Zephyr are two popular OS options that run on Arm M4 chips, but neither are supported by Sparkfun or Ambiq. The Artemis Dev Kit information says that the Arm Mbed OS is supported - it would seem to be acceptable for my project. Arm provides a list of dev boards that support Mbed OS. There are 114 boards listed as supporting Mbed OS. Unfortunately, there are no Sparkfun or Ambiq based boards in that list. Why is that? It's as if Ambiq is literally trying to hide that it is using Arm M4 technology.

I don't know it I can trust that Ambiq will be fully supported as part of the Arm Mbed OS world. That is a significant concern for me. Will the Artemis Dev Kit board be listed on the Mbed OS supported boards page? If so, when? If not, why?
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By Santa_Impersonator
We currently on the "Mbed enabled" hardware list. There's a huge list of requirements that we are working on for that. That being said, we will only be able to get the ArtemisDK and probably the Artemis module listed because of the DAPLink requirement.

You can use the blog post to get started with using Mbed OS (i.e. Studio) to program an Artemis board without having to wait for that. Otherwise, you can install the latest version of Mbed Studio... YOu'll need to manually configure your target and start a project to download the latest Mbed OS version. I am working on completing a guide.
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By idea--list
Is there any update on the progress?

Am not sure about this:
That being said, we will only be able to get the ArtemisDK and probably the Artemis module listed because of the DAPLink requirement.
I mean i use DAPLink (more exactly a MAX32625PICO programmed with a special firmware) to flash/debug a MAX32630FTHR all the time, however that has native USB support on chip.

If i am right i see the very same 2x5 socket on the Artemis Thing Plus, Artemis Nano, Redboard Artemis, OpenLog Artemis boards. I guess it could be possible to couple 2 boards with a 2x5 ribbon cable and with a special firmware one board could debug/flash the other board (i know Apollo3 chip does not support native USB i wonder if that is needed for this feature...if yes, then the Apollo4 chip weighs in really interesting in this regard as they have native USB)
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By Santa_Impersonator
The Artemis DK should be available in MBed Studio, right now. I still need to finish the product page for the MBed website, for users to be able to select the board in the browser compiler or find it listed on the Mbed website. (*It is on my backlog of things to do.)

Several users were adamant that we include documentation on debugging in the hookup guide, so we postponed releasing our MBed OS guide until the board was listed, so that we could provide documentation on getting the debugger working. (Again, that is on the backlog after the product page.)

Yes, you could obviously "hack" the ArtemisDK board to use the DAPLink chip for other boards. On that note, the other boards are listed as custom targets, but the ArtemisDK is the only one listed as a compatible target in Mbed Studio. However, since only the ArtemisDK is the only board that fits the DAPLink hardware requirements, it will be the only board listed on the MBed website (as the other user was asking). I hope this clarifies things.

My apologies for the delay in getting this done.
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