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By crzymnmchl
Very new to all this. I had identified that the features of the Thing Plus Wroom was what I needed. Just found the Thing Plus-Artemis. Does this have all those features plus some? i.e. is it a no-brainer to get the Artemis version with apparently ML capabilities, or do the 2 boards fulfill different functions?
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By TS-Chris
Both are microcontrollers and the Artemis is more powerful than the ESP32.
  • If you need WiFi and more mature documentation, go with the ESP32 because the Artemis doesn't have a WiFi radio.
  • If you're OK with a newer, faster but less documented microcontroller and don't need WiFi or internet connectivity out of the box, give the Artemis a try. :-)
Also, if you're a beginner, the ESP32 might be easier to pickup than the Artemis.
By stephenf
Don't forget power consumption.

In a low power/battery application, the Artemis is light years better than the ESP32 (it's designed for it). Both on paper and practically speaking - even with all the power reduction I could get working on the ESP32, it was drawing something like 5x the current of an Artemis when doing the same basic data crunching.
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By liquid.soulder
Don't forget CPU frequency either - the Apollo3 (Artemis) runs at 48 MHz default and can be "boosted" to 96 MHz. The ESP32 runs at any one of 80, 160, or 240 MHz. So when running at their top speeds the ESP32 is 2.5x faster than the Apollo3. And the ESP32 is a dual-core microcontroller. It can run two threads at once, one per core.

The Artemis is nice for low-power and for the fact that machine learning programs have already been written for it (a good step-off point for your own work).

ESP32 has WiFi capabilities and the Artemis (Apollo3) does not.

Both have BLE

The ESP32 additionally supports classic bluetooth (higher power usage and different target usage)
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