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By shjeon
Hi there,

I am trying to reduce the power consumption of the Sparkfun Edge Board. (

I found the previous post someone tried to do it. (viewtopic.php?p=217600#p217600)
"liquid.soulder" replied that always-powered sensors continuously drain power, so I desoldering 2 Mic sensors and BLE antenna.

I've tried examples from viewtopic.php?f=169&t=50904 and the below code
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  Artemis Low Power: How low can we go?
  By: Nathan Seidle
  SparkFun Electronics
  Date: October 17th, 2019
  License: This code is public domain. Based on deepsleep.c from Ambiq SDK v2.2.0.
  A big thanks to robin_hodgson for pointing out the HFRC shutdown requirement.

  SparkFun labored with love to create this code. Feel like supporting open source hardware?
  Buy a board from SparkFun!

  How close can we get to 2.7uA in deep sleep?
  This example shows how decrease the Artemis current consumption to less than ~2.5uA in deep sleep.

  Note that Artemis modules with revision A1 silicon will use ~30uA. Please see the
  Ambiq errata for more information:

  To monitor the current to the Edge cut the MEAS jumper, solder in headers, and attach
  a DMM via IC hooks (

  The USB to serial bridge draws some current:
    Serial Basic C - ~1.2uA (
    FTDI Basic - ~5.5uA (

  The various components on the Edge2 can be powered on/off as well
    PDM microphones (2) - ~50.9uA
    Accelerometer (POR mode) - ~79.7uA
    Camera regulator enabled (no camera) - ~96.8uA

void setup()
  Serial.println("Low power sleep example");

#if defined(ARDUINO_SFE_EDGE2)
  digitalWrite(ACCEL_VDD, LOW);

  pinMode(MIC_VDD, OUTPUT);
  digitalWrite(MIC_VDD, LOW);

  digitalWrite(CAMERA_VDD, LOW);

  //Turn off ADC

  // Initialize for low power in the power control block

  // Stop the XTAL.
  am_hal_clkgen_control(AM_HAL_CLKGEN_CONTROL_XTAL_STOP, 0);

  // Disable the RTC.

  // Disabling the debugger GPIOs saves about 1.2 uA total:
  am_hal_gpio_pinconfig(20 /* SWDCLK */, g_AM_HAL_GPIO_DISABLE);
  am_hal_gpio_pinconfig(21 /* SWDIO */, g_AM_HAL_GPIO_DISABLE);

  // These two GPIOs are critical: the TX/RX connections between the Artemis module and the CH340S on the Blackboard
  // are prone to backfeeding each other. To stop this from happening, we must reconfigure those pins as GPIOs
  // and then disable them completely:
  Serial.println("The TX and RX pins need to be disabled to minimize the current draw.");
  Serial.println("You should not see any more Serial messages after this...");
  am_hal_gpio_pinconfig(48 /* TXO-0 */, g_AM_HAL_GPIO_DISABLE);
  am_hal_gpio_pinconfig(49 /* RXI-0 */, g_AM_HAL_GPIO_DISABLE);

  // The default Arduino environment runs the System Timer (STIMER) off the 48 MHZ HFRC clock source.
  // The HFRC appears to take over 60 uA when it is running, so this is a big source of extra
  // current consumption in deep sleep.
  // For systems that might want to use the STIMER to generate a periodic wakeup, it needs to be left running.
  // However, it does not have to run at 48 MHz. If we reconfigure STIMER (system timer) to use the 32768 Hz
  // XTAL clock source instead the measured deepsleep power drops by about 64 uA.

  // This option selects 32768 Hz via crystal osc. This appears to cost about 0.1 uA versus selecting "no clock"

  // This option would be available to systems that don't care about passing time, but might be set
  // to wake up on a GPIO transition interrupt.
  // am_hal_stimer_config(AM_HAL_STIMER_NO_CLK);

  // Turn OFF Flash1
  if (am_hal_pwrctrl_memory_enable(AM_HAL_PWRCTRL_MEM_FLASH_512K))
    while (1)

  // Power down SRAM

  Serial.println("Going to sleep...");
  delay(100); //Wait for print to complete

  Serial.end(); //Disable Serial


  //We should never get here.

void loop()
  //Do nothing
But, these source codes do not work for the Sparkfun Edge . The measured current consumption (monosoon power monitor) are here:
Deep Sleep @3V: 0.78mA
Sleep @3V: 0.88mA

Does anybody succeed to make Edge deep sleep?

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