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By Dhaval
Hi, everyone
I am Working On Bellow Things

Board : SparkFun Edge
IDE : Arduino IDE
Library : Arduino_TensorFlowLite(Ver : 2.1.0- ALPHA)
Example : person_detection

Serial Log :
Initializing HM01B0...

Apollo3 Burst Mode is Available

Apollo3 operating in Normal Mode (48MHz)

Apollo3 operating in Burst Mode (96MHz)
=> Here it is stop to print anything...

My question is ...
=> Now why it can not able to read Frame from camera?
=> What Should i do so the module can able to read frame from camera ?
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By Dhaval
Hii ... SparkFun Team

Can you Please help to solve above problem ...

The problem is camera initialization is done successfully but when it is go for reading frame it stuck atwhile (!read_hsync()); , So why camera not out the hsync Signal ...? :roll:
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By Dhaval
Hii liquid.soulder

I am using the 'person_detection' example provided by Arduino_TensorFlowLite(Ver : 2.1.0- ALPHA) in Arduino IDE. In this example i am just compile and upload code into sparkfun edge.

In this example in loop() ==> GetImage() (Defined in sparkfun_edge_image_provider.cpp)

In GetImage() , camera initialization is become done successfully. After that it go to hm01b0_blocking_read_oneframe_scaled ()(Defined in himax_driver_HM01B0_optimized.c) for read the first frame from camera. But in this function it is waiting for HSYNC Signal to become high. This signal Read is perform in while loop so the program will not go further until HSYNC Signal is not getting high. and loop will not break.

So it is camera issue ? or Configuration issue? or Hardware issue ?

And one for think The schematic of sparkfun edge module on product page( in documents is not compatible for HIMAX HM01B0 camera. So Where Do i find updated schematic of sparkfun edge module for Himax HM01B0 camera sensor. :roll:
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