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By majd.shahin
Hallo , i am trying to program redboard artemis i just did every thing like Edge tutorial and adjust it for artemis but i got stacked at the last step by uploading the program

the last part of make file is

wired_update: all ../../../../../tools/apollo3_scripts/ --bin $(CONFIG)/$(TARGET).bin --load-address 0xC000 --magic-num 0xCB -o $(CONFIG)/main_nonsecure_ota --version 0x0 ../../../../../tools/apollo3_scripts/ --load-address 0x20000 --bin $(CONFIG)/main_nonsecure_ota.bin -i 6 -o $(CONFIG)/main_nonsecure_wire --options 0x1

bootload: wired_update ../../../../../tools/apollo3_scripts/ -b 115200 $(serial) -r 1 -f $(CONFIG)/main_nonsecure_wire.bin -i 6

boot_artemis: wired_update ${ARTEMIS_LOADER_CMD} -b 115200 $(serial) -r 1 -f $(CONFIG)/main_nonsecure_wire.bin -i 6 -v
but i got error

Connecting with Corvette over serial port /dev/ttyUSB0... Sending Hello. No response for command 0x00000000 Traceback (most recent call last): File "../../../../../tools/apollo3_scripts/", line 345, in <module> main() File "../../../../../tools/apollo3_scripts/", line 36, in main connect_device(ser) File "../../../../../tools/apollo3_scripts/", line 56, in connect_device response = send_command(hello, 88, ser) File "../../../../../tools/apollo3_scripts/", line 244, in send_command raise NoResponseError main.NoResponseError
i can upload Arduino programs with the Arduino IDE,
and i tested the port with python and Arduino IDE, it works , but still get no response when i program it
is the problem in addresses or in somewhere else ?
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By liquid.soulder
Hmmm. I see that you've changed the bootload baud rate to 115200 - that should be correct for the Artemis modules. The artemis modules also have a slightly different configuration of the bootloader - the BOOT pin and polarity are different. However that should all be abstracted away by the hardware of your Redboard Artemis. So immediately I don't have a good idea of what is going wrong.

The tutorial that you are following is fairly outdated. We have created much better resources for working with the Apollo3 and Artemis modules. Have you tried any of these tools?
- Artemis Development Platform - a containerized development environment that runs in Docker. Contains all the following tools:
- SparkFun AmbiqSuite SDK - a copy of the AmbiqSuite SDK that contains the SparkFun BSPs by default
- SparkFun BSPs - Board support package for all the SparkFun boards (including the Edge)

All of those resources should have a getting started section in the README. If you have any questions about it or if you run into issues please let us know (replying here will be good).
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