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I tested the "SDK_Demo.exe w/ FPS_Serial_Passthrough.ino" which worked fine. But the other 3 examples (.ino) always fail at compiling so I cant upload them to my Artemis RedBoard. The error message looks the same for the examples: FPS_Blink, FPS_Enroll and FPS_IDFinger. The error message for FPS_Blink.ino says:

Arduino: 1.8.12 (Windows 10), Board: "SparkFun RedBoard Artemis, 921600, SparkFun Variable Loader (Recommended)"

In file included from C:\Users\LAB\AppData\Local\Temp\arduino_modified_sketch_75275\FPS_Blink.ino:22:
C:\Users\LAB\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Fingerprint_Scanner-TTL-master\src/FPS_GT511C3.h:77:3: error: 'word' does not name a type
word _CalculateChecksum(); // Checksum is calculated using byte addition
C:\Users\LAB\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Fingerprint_Scanner-TTL-master\src/FPS_GT511C3.h:78:20: error: 'word' has not been declared
byte GetHighByte(word w);
C:\Users\LAB\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Fingerprint_Scanner-TTL-master\src/FPS_GT511C3.h:79:19: error: 'word' has not been declared
byte GetLowByte(word w);
C:\Users\LAB\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Fingerprint_Scanner-TTL-master\src/FPS_GT511C3.h:137:3: error: 'word' does not name a type
word CalculateChecksum(byte* buffer, int length);
C:\Users\LAB\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Fingerprint_Scanner-TTL-master\src/FPS_GT511C3.h:138:20: error: 'word' has not been declared
byte GetHighByte(word w);
C:\Users\LAB\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Fingerprint_Scanner-TTL-master\src/FPS_GT511C3.h:139:19: error: 'word' has not been declared
byte GetLowByte(word w);
exit status 1
Fehler beim Kompilieren für das Board SparkFun RedBoard Artemis.
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By TS-Chris
Other than re-writing the library, you're going to need to use a third board. A Pro Mini should work. You'd have to have the fingerprint sensor code running on the Pro Mini and then pass that data onto the Artemis.

I'm afraid we can't assist with code.
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What if I program the 3 examples (stated at the beginning of the topic) through a FTDI instead?
I need an FTDI anyway for my ESP8266 modules.
After the Fingerprint Scanner is programmed I could just let it communicate with my Artemis Redboard.
I guess thats a way to avoid buying an additional board (like the Pro Mini )?
Correct me if I'm wrong here.
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By TS-Chris
You can't actually program the fingerprint sensor, only the Arduino so that will not work. (Your code lives and runs on the Arduino/Artemis, not the fingerprint sensor.)

If you're not able to re-write the library and example code to run on an Artemis, I'm afraid you're going to have to get a compatible board to manage the fingerprint sensor. Our Pro Mini should work, you'd then need to have the Pro Mini deal with the fingerprint sensor and then communicate it's results with the Artemis.
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