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HI josheeg.
artimis nano rx and tx lines to the tx and rx of a hc05 bluetooth module it blinks no txt from the println functions.
We're not really sure what it is you're asking here. Could you be a little more detailed in what your goal is and what you've tried?
It works to the com7 serial terminal but not the com5 or 6 at 9600
By 'It works' do you mean it functions the way you're expecting? Is the Artemis on COM7? What other devices do you have that are on other COM ports?
TS-Chris thanks for the quick reply i tried adding a jumper across the tx rx pins. serial loopback test.
the hc05 module echo s or parrots the uart serial back to my phone and the
arduino ide on com5

com6 causes arduino ide to not close.

I see the tx1 of artimis nano goes to rx of the hc05
and the
rx1 of the artimis nano goes to the the tx of the hc05.

my micro goal is have the artimis nano take a 14 bit adc sample and print it out and have the hc05 transmit it to my python program.

But I am stuck trying to figure why the serial.print commands that do work with com 7 built in uart converter chip work but rx1 and tx1 do not send the data to the hc05

I tried serial1.print (adding the 1 in my program to specify because I seen that made it not come out com7. )
OK, On the Artemis Nano Serial is the USB port and Serial1 goes to pins 9 and 10.
Give the attached sketch a try and you should be able to talk from the serial monitor to another serial device connected to pins 9, 10 and ground.
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