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By Tuxedotshirt
I have tried changing the software serial pins in the example to 32,12 to correspond with the positions relative to the LTE board but none of the examples can start the LTE board. It works with an uno, I have the provider set up and can text to my phone. When I put the LTE board on top of the ATP, the software serial doesn't seem to be able to communicate with it. Is there something I'm missing? I read that all the I/O pins can be used for software serial.
Hello Tuxedotshirt.

We haven't tested this shield on the Artemis ATP before and it's possible that the example code and/or libraries won't work with it. We recommend using an Arduino Uno or a SparkFun RedBoard with this shield for best results.
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By Tuxedotshirt
I have tried starting Serial1 and setting the toggle on the LTE switch to hardware serial, but there is still no response from the LTE shield with the Artemis ATP. I have started Serial1 at 9600 and 115200, tried calling lte.begin(Serial1), lte.begin(Serial1, 115200) and lte.begin(Serial1, 9600) as well as lte.begin(lteSerial, 9600) with the rx and tx pins changed to 32,12 for the software serial in the example. No luck still. Maybe a logic level problem?
Maybe a logic level problem?
I don't think it's that, the shield is able to use the IOREF pin on the Artemis to set what logic levels to work at. Again, we haven't tested this shield on the Artemis, but I think it could be a incompatibility in our code or libraries.

If you're able to figure out what's causing the issue, please let us know but if you need a working setup quickly, I recommend using a Uno or ATmega328 based RedBoard like DEV-13975.
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By Tuxedotshirt
I got the ATP to recognize the LTE shield by powering my ATP from the computer, while the LTE board is on the charger with a lipo battery attached. It looks like the ATP can't power the LTE shield properly. The uno has no problem sending SMS and receiving Hologram messages without a battery. Weird.
Now I am having trouble sending Hologram messages like everyone else is. I can't find a definitive solution to this problem. It is disappointing that nobody I can see from SparkFun is working on a solution to support updates or make the uBlox software more accessible.
After several weeks of trying I managed to get the LTE board to work with the Artemis RedBoard over both hardware and software serial. I had to revert back to Sparkfun Apollo3 board manager v1.2.1. I know v2.1.1 doesn't work but haven't tried the others.

I don't really know why the newer version isn't working. In the LTE shield library there's a few Serial.print() commands in the sendCommandWithResponse() function. Uncommenting those lets you see the AT commands and responses from the SARA-R410M module. When using the newer version of the board manager about a third of the characters in the response get garbled, so its something to do with the serial communication I think. Problem seems to hold for both software and hardware serial.
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