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By jdewinkel
I could not find what revision of the Apollo3 MCU you are using in the Artemis module (WRL-15484).
Rev A1 is quite different from the later Rev B0.

Could you please let me know what chip revision you are using on the module? Are all modules guaranteed to contain the same chip revision?
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By robin_hodgson
I asked the same question a month ago over here: viewtopic.php?f=171&t=51061

I am still waiting for an official announcement regarding what products were released with what silicon version. For sure, Blackboard products were shipped with A1 silicon. For sure, Edge 2 products are only shipping with B0 silicon. Everything else has no "for sure" answer that I am aware of. I got a response that included the words "moving forward", but with no date given, and no product line mentioned.

Sparkfun, can you confirm when you cut over to B0 silicon for the modules? I don't want to buy them, solder them down, and then discover that they are A1 silicon.
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Hope you posting this question Robin will get an answer. My client is getting impatient after I recommended this chip to replace a Cypress PSOC chip that we had been using. If we can't sleep this chip and have it come out of sleep were done...

I had hoped that this chip, being Arduino IDE programmable, would be easy to migrate over to. Just don't know how long we will have to wait to get ble on the Arduino IDE.
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By jdewinkel
Just received some Artemis modules and a Artemis ATP.
Modules are rev A.1 and the Artemis ATP is rev B.0, the modules are visually identical.

So it seems its down to luck. Also I've contacted the customer support via email. They refer to the forum without answering anything.

On the website they claim "This is the world's first module to bridge the market between hobbyists and consumer products". For any business use this is unacceptable. Very unfortunate because it seems to be a nice module at a good price point.
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By robin_hodgson
How did you test your modules? Do you have a jig that allows you to test the revision before soldering, or did you have to solder them down?
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By jdewinkel
On the ATP board I retrieved it in software from the CHIPREV register. For the modules I de-soldered the shields and looked at the chip's marking. Without a test jig, de-soldering the shield or soldering the module; its impossible to find out.
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By Santa_Impersonator
I just tested 2 modules from the latest batch of Artemis modules... they were B0s. However, we just started looking into the IC version issue. Depending on what we find out, we'll either create a new SKU for the B0 version or add a notification to the product page that about what version users should expect to receive.

On the note about a test jig... I talked to our QC engineer and he said he could post the design files for our current jig. I also started a form thread in case there is a real interest for one as a product offering: viewtopic.php?f=170&t=51961
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