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I am trying to connect to my "SparkFun RedBoard Artemis Nano" using 1.8.9 Arduino IDE and for some reason it doesn't recognize it.

I am following these instructions, ... th-arduino

But when I go to my board management, it says it "cant download the package_index.json file"

is there a work around this? or how may I fix the problem?

Thanks in advance.
It sounds like you may have the wrong JSON link set in the Arduino preferences menu.

Code: Select all
from the preferences / Additional Boards Manager URLs section of the IDE and replace it with:
Code: Select all
and that should get you going.
Hi A_Pi3ce_0f_W00d.

I've tried to replicate your issue on multiple computers and with multiple internet service providers and can not reproduce the errors you're getting.

It's possible that the github link you're not able to access was down at the time you attempted. You might give it another go and see if it works a second time or a different time of day.

Are you on a office or school internet connection? If you're still having trouble, the only thing I can think of is something on your internet connection is blocking access to github or another link in the JSON file that Arduino needs to access. You may need to try on a different network or from home.
I am on a office network. When I go to the github site, I download a zip file and everything seems to be working fine.
Is there a way I can push the file onto the Ardiuno without having to rely on the internet?
like a manual upload.

I am a little puzzled as well, cause the instructions seem very straight forward, but for some reason it doesn't turning out to be.
This is what I am doing, tell me if I am doing anything wrong.

I bought a "SparkFun RedBoard Artemis Nano" and I would like to run that board on Ardiuno IDE 1.8.9.

I saw on your website that there is work instructions on how to do this. ( ... th-arduino)

I went to preferences and copied the link into the additional board manager URLs and clicked "ok".
I went to the tools > Board Manager window and typed in "apollo" , but now nothing is coming up.

I am now getting an "Error downloading ... index.json"
It seems like when I mess with the files in the "arduino15" folder I can bring it up the "apollo3" boards, but I get another error from before from github not working correctly.

I cant seem to win.

These are the folders I have in my Arduino15 ; am I missing anything?

Any help would be great!!

Hi Piece Of Wood.

You should not need to mess with the files in Arduino15. Those are only for the Board Manager's automatic operation. If you were to manually install the core you would do it in your Sketchbook folder. (there are many tutorials online about how to find that folder -- it can be confusing at first depending on what platform you are using). It *is* possible to manually install the core but I don't think you want that option except as a last resort.

Can you provide more information about the errors in your process? To best help you I would like to see you perform a fresh installation of Arduino and follow the steps in the guide while sharing screenshots along the way. Particularly important will be screenshots of any error that you get in entirety.

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