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After reading the viewtopic.php?f=171&t=53923 thread, I have some questions regarding mbed OS on Artemis Redboard, Redboard ATP, etc. I'm a little worried that users of those older boards are getting left behind in favor of the new "Dev Kit" hardware.

I have the Redboard and ATP. I have had good success developing with Ambiq Apollo SDK, VSCode, C/C++, and my J-Link debugger. I'm interested in the mbed OS because I've used it before, I can develop with C/C++, it has a slew of drivers ready to run. However, I have a lot of complaints about the development environment and the completely bloated design of the development architecture. I won't go into those because it would take too long and I doubt that most users care.

With that said, here is my question:

Can Sparkfun add an example that generates the ELF and runs a debug session in J-Link to the dev kit tutorial?

I haven't used mbed Studio in many, many months, so I don't know if the current version can generate the ELF. I know the other option is the mbed CLI, but I prefer not to go that route.
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By Santa_Impersonator
I am working on the Mbed OS tutorial. I hadn't thought about a debugging method for those boards and I will follow up with the engineering team on that.

That being said, it might be limited to the ArtemisDK due to the fact the Mbed OS utilizes the DAPLink firmware on the interface chip for debugging, which the other boards don't have. However, I read some posts and it looks like you can use the custom targeting to debug with a J-link (again I would need to follow up with the engineering team, cause I don't have that hardware). ... rgets.html
Our engineer said that you should be able to debug with a J-Link programmer, since the other boards don't have an interface chip with the DAPLink firmware.

To answer your question:
Can Sparkfun add an example that generates the ELF and runs a debug session in J-Link to the dev kit tutorial?
No, that doesn't seem very logical. The Artemis DK has the interface chip implemented, so that it doesn't need an additional programmer to program or debug the board. However, I may look into it for the other boards.
My question was not as precisely worded as it should have been. In the tutorial, there is a section at the end, Build and Flashing other Artemis Boards. I was asking for more detail on the steps/process for generating other build files, specifically the ELF file, and sending to the Segger J-Link debugger. I don't know if this is possible within Mbed Studio, etc.
I'll discuss this with the engineers, but I'm guessing no... setting this up in Mbed Studio will most likely be beyond the scope of the tutorial. We released the Artemis DK specifically to developers allow users to program and debug with Mbed OS; so we will at least provide debugging information specifically for that board.

Mbed OS documentation seems to indicate that it might be possible (if you want to dive down that rabbit hole): ... chain.html

The Mbed documentation seems to indicate that the .elf file can be built, but I've only seen instructions for using the CLI/GCC toolchain. In Mbed Studio, you might be able to generate it with the debug profile; however, Mbed Studio only allows me to select that profile for Mbed enabled hardware.
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