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By IndyRick
While I'm still having trouble with some Arduino functions (but that's a separate post or two), I'm really baffled by the board space wasted on the Nano. I really don't see the need for the approximate 20 extra ground pins when you could provide about 20 additional actual pins. I'm using the double row of pins in RoboDyn's Mega Mini, but I'd rather be using Artemis. Please consider an additional Nano variant with more pins (i.e. NanoMP).
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By TS-Chris
Hi Rick.

We could probably squeeze a few more pins in, but there's not much space left to run traces for a for two more rows of pins. A 4 layer board would work, but would cost a lot more. I believe the goal of the Nano was to give you the most 'bang for the buck' on a small sized, inexpensive board. I'm sure we will look at a update in the future that offers more pins if there is enough interest in that.

If you're needing more pins right now, you might consider the Artemis ATP as it breaks out everything on the Artemis module. If that's too big, you might need to spin your own carrier board and then solder on a Artemis module.
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By IndyRick
Hi Chris,

I have a lot of through hole soldering experience, and I've done some surface mount work, but I don't see how I'd solder the pads on the bottom of the Artemis module. Is there a tutorial for that?
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By TS-Chris
Hello Rick.

Unfortunately we don't have a great tutorial that shows everything involved, but the videos below will give you an idea what needs to be done. There's many more videos online so a bit of time on Youtube searching would be wise.

Also, it takes a little while to get the feel for this so you might want to practice with some junk parts and boards and work your way up to more difficult parts like the Artemis module.
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By IndyRick
Hi Chris,

Outstanding! Thanks for the resources. This is the first I've seen on this soldering technique, though it certainly explains many terms that I had been seeing without knowing their significance. I encourage the development of a demonstration project that highlights the PCB design for, and installation of, an Artemis module.
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