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By vesich
I would like to hook up an NFC capability to the Openlog. I imagine things in this way: the OLA should have the ability to read different NFC tags, which are separated from it and just use proximity to detect them. I need to store some sample information like credentials on different chips and be able to read them from a central place (the OLA itself) on proximity with it. How can this be done?

I see there is this: (SparkFun Qwiic Dynamic NFC/RFID Tag). Is this the tag or the reader? I was expecting the tag to be smaller, something that can go inside a credit card for example. Or is it QWIIC, so it can be programmed?

Can someone explain to me, please?
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By TS-Russell
Those are Tags; this is an example of a RFID reader
The tags can be read over RFID or i2c/qwiic, you'll want to use the above reader, some tags, and a logger (either the OLA mentioned or

We have some smaller tag options here - make sure the reader you choose can read the frequency of the tags chosen

Run through the hookup guide for each to get an idea of how they work in practice; then combine the outputs of the reader to be logged by a function from the openlog (or OLA)
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By vesich
Thank you @TS-Russel for your suggestions. I have already hooked up a Qwiic button to the OLA. If I purchase the SparkFun RFID Qwiic Reader, do I just hook it to the button's second port?

I am planning to have some magnets on each side - one near the reader and one on the tag. So once the tag component is closer to the reader, it should snap together due to the magnetic pull. Would that destroy something in the electronics - on the reader and the tag?
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By vesich
I also checked the hook up guide - I would like to have something like the "Example 2 - Read Tag Interrupt". So for example, when I scan the tag, it should print log the tag. What would I need to solder from the "int" jumper, towards what on the OLA? Is soldering even neccessary?
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